Empowering parents to find JOY in parenting!

          |Easy Wisdom |    Excite and empower your group with a message from Djenne-Amal Morris, an experienced parent advocate, a veteran in Human Services, and the parent of a special needs son (Malik).

Djenne’s easily approachable style offers hope, inspiration, emotional attentiveness, encouragement, empathy, empowerment, and a genuine concern and respect for the family system, culture, heritage, and history.

Offering a heart for people and a passion for helping others reach their full potential, Djenne’s topics include: Finding Joy in Parenting, Parenting in Uncertain Times, Single Parenting, Things Kids Do That Drive Us Nuts, Self-Esteem, Quality Parenting, Positive Approaches to Discipline, Positive Parenting, and Nurturing Yourself and Your Child.